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Whitley Arts

Whitley Arts aims to showcase the excellence and artist flair of Whitley Academy students to a local and national audience. It underpins learning and interest in the creative arts at the Academy by using student artwork as a focal point, and by encouraging a culture of innovation, inspiration, and personal development. Learn more About Whitley Arts.

You can view our student artwork by looking in our Gallery Showcase. You'll find a mixture of student paintings, prints, textile work, ceramics, and photography.

Whitley Arts Whitley Arts Whitley Arts

Whitley Academy

Whitley Academy
Whitley Academy is an innovative and inclusive 11-18 years school, committed to delivering high quality education for the community it serves in Coventry.

RSA Academies

RSA Families
The aim of RSA Academies is to develop a mutually supportive family of schools which use innovative practice to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children.