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Gallery Showcase

Whitley Arts
Welcome to the Whitley Arts Gallery Showcase. Here you’ll find a mixture of our student paintings, prints, textile work, ceramics, and photography.

Key Stage 3 Art

Our students are encouraged to experiment within the main areas of paint, print, textiles, and ceramics at KS3.

Some of our current project themes are: Foundation, The Cake, Still Life, Fantasy Shoe, Body Cells, and Animals.

Whitley Arts

Key Stage 4 Art

At KS4, Whitley Academy runs a variety of both BTEC and GCSE courses. Our students are again encouraged to experiment and develop work within the main areas of paint, print, textiles, and ceramics, dependent on their chosen course of study.

Some of our recent project themes are: Collection of emotions, Everyday, I, Me, Mine, Body Systems, Masks, Skateboard, and Surfaces.

Whitley Arts

Key Stage 5 Art

Whitley Academy runs Level 3 BTEC and A/S Photography courses at KS5. Students studying Photography investigate and then develop work using both digital and wet based formats. This year their theme has been Still Life. BTEC Level 3 students will experiment in a variety of art disciplines and be encouraged to make a personal response to the given brief.

Some of our recent briefs are: My Environment, Make Art Not War, Decay, and Portrait.

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